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Nick: Switching Roles

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

What I hope that the rest of the semester in the float program brings me is the experience of a student expressing to me that what we taught them impacted them positively somehow, or at least hear from students that they understand the material because then they are more likely to actually use the information. I joined the FLOAT program with the intention of spreading knowledge about financial wellness. I wanted them to understand that small steps towards forming positive habits would go along way towards their future. With this in mind, I thought it would be more difficult to get students excited about financial wellness. Prior to this experience, my impression was that students were just waiting out the clock in school. I learned that this is not true, from what I have experienced so far students (for the most part) get themselves excited and would rather be involved than just sit there and watch what is going on. This is not true for all students, the quieter students require a little creativity to get involved in the class conversation. I have definitely become more creative in that sense and I have certainly become more comfortable standing in front of a class in a classroom setting. Prior to this program, I had no experience inside a classroom, but I have enjoyed stepping outside my comfort zone to try something new while helping others at the same time. I really enjoyed being part of both the creation of the material as well as implementing this material in a classroom setting. It was certainly a nice switch up from always having the role of "student" inside the classroom.

Nick Monjar, Economics Major '20

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